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falloout-levelNotes on Pulling the Sky Down is a designer’s diary over at the official Fallout 3 website that takes a look at the soon-to-be released RPG’s level design philosophies,  there’s a taste of what to expect after the jump.

 The written word is a powerful and direct tool for storytelling. Much of our storytelling as level designers, however, is told with the voice of the world. For every space in the game, however minor, we asked ourselves “why is this here” and “what’s happened here?” Even when this back story isn’t conveyed directly to the player, it informs even minor level design decisions and lends an honest quality to the space. A lonely grave, a heap of human gore, or a long-abandoned outpost convey atmosphere and meaning without a single written word. These small stories all contribute to both the truth of setting and the unique narrative of each player’s experience playing Fallout 3. Their distribution through the world is designed to intersperse the player experience with more punctuation marks to keep time playing the game from blending into a hazy, forgettable miasma.

It’s Friday, you’ve got the time, go read the full post :).

Last Updated: October 17, 2008

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