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WWE fans upset by the lack of crowd swearing

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I’m not sure what to make of this latest news controversy surrounding WWE ‘13, on one side I can understand the hardcore fans desire for the game to mimic reality and yet on the other side it’s professional wrestling which is targeted at a very large age group so what do you expect?

So the story goes that THQ has improved the audio quality in WWE ‘13 and now you can clearly hear what the crowd is chanting and everything is generally just much better. So they released a trailer showcasing this new found technology and towards the end you can clearly hear someone in the crowd shout out “Oh My God”… this apparently is a problem.

MankindNot in the way that it’s blasphemous and therefore would be censored on DSTV’s standard settings.. I kid you not that drives me insane… but anyway, no the fans are upset because they say in real life the crowd would rather have yelled “Holy Shit”

Yes.. this is the problem that fans are having. Apparently they see this as the PG crowd taking over their favourite sport but maybe what they aren’t realising is that WWE is also aimed at little children and the directive about no swearing in the game wasn’t handed down by THQ but rather by WWE itself.

Apparently the WWE also decided “Suck It” wasn’t allowed in the game as that’s too offensive and yet “Bitch” is still allowed? I think that points to how completely messed up our society has become to be honest but that’s an entirely different story.

So do you think these fans are right to be upset about the PG setting the title is going for?

Last Updated: July 31, 2012

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