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Xbox 20/20 – Watch the Xbox Series X games livestream right here

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Wind back the clock to when Microsoft first revealed the Xbox One, and you’d observe a message that was a massive cock-up to the fans who had supported the console in its previous two iterations. The Xbox One was shown off as a glorified hub for entertainment, with gaming taking a backseat along the way. The problem here? The people who wanted to buy the device, wanted a gaming console reveal not a rehearsed speech about television.

In 2020, Microsoft has proven that they have learnt from past blunders. The Xbox Series X looks like a heck of a machine, future-proofed with stunning technology and built with an ecosystem of games that aims to never put gamers in a dry spell of new releases ever again. Enough talk though, let’s see some games!

In case you don’t feel like watching on YouTube, here’s a few other embeds for you:

I’ll have a live round-up of everything today as well, in case you feel like revisiting every announcement.

Last Updated: May 7, 2020

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  1. They promised gameplay but al we got was cinematic trailers.


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