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Xbox 360 + 15 games or a PS3?

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Honestly I think this article is skewed completely to the Xbox side but it does show a very valid point.

After the recent price cuts Videogamer.com went out and decided to see exactly what you could get for the price of a 40Gb PS3 (in the UK)

Lets clear up a few things first, they are using the Xbox 360 Arcade in this comparison which means it only really applies to someone who wants to play games offline and isn’t interested in HD movies.

So for the price of 1 PS3 you can get

1 x Xbox 360 Arcade
2 x Wireless Controllers
1 x 256 Memory card (for your saved games)
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x PGR 4 – Great racing game
1 X Splinter Cell: Double Agent
1 X Dead Rising – who doesn’t like killing zombies?
1 X Stuntman Ignition – you could trade it  🙂
1 X Oblivion
1 X Prey
1 X Table Tennis – a 360 staple
1 X Viva Pinata – This game is really really good. If you haven’t played it you should
1 X Forza 2 – a really good racing simulator
1 X Halo 3
1 X Uno
1 X Pacman
1 X Boom Boom Rocket – I enjoy this
1 X Feeding Frenzy
1 X Luxor 2

After all of that you are still going to have £2.10 for a celebratory beer on the way home

I would personally suggest putting your change towards getting two plug and play charge kits as well and you will be ready to go.

So if you had the choice what would you do?

15 game Xbox 360 bundle cheaper than PS3 – Pac-Man Championship Edition for Xbox 360 News – VideoGamer.com

Last Updated: March 13, 2008

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