Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 shipping on 2 discs

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People have been wondering – often out loud – why EA has shown pretty much nothing of the Xbox 360 version of its imminent modern combat shooter Battlefield 3. The initial stage demos of the game were the graphically superior PC version, while the co-op was demonstrated at this year’s Gamescom using the PlayStation 3 version.

One potential reason (besides the horror of an on-stage RROD) we’ve seen nothing so far is that it would be unbecoming to change discs in the middle of a live demo. Yep, the 360 version of Battlefield 3 is coming on two discs.

The confirmation comes not from EA or DICE, but rather dubiously from a Japanese advert for the game, which asserts that the 360 version game will be shipping on 2 x DVD-ROM’s. More than likely, it means the single player campaign will reside on one disc, with the multiplayer components sitting on the other. It’s hardly game-breaking, but there are many console gamers who’d prefer their games to come on just one disc. At this late stage of the current console generation’s life cycle, Sony’s foresight in opting for a new storage medium is certainly seems to be paying off (though a faster drive to mitigate all those blasted mandatory installs would’ve been nice).

Any multiplatform Battlefield players conflicted about which version they’re getting now?

Source : Gematsu

Last Updated: September 5, 2011

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