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Xbox 360 financials up 69% ($712 million)

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While all the focus at the moment is on Sony’s PSN disaster it’s easy to forget the other two competitors have big news at the moment as well.

We already heard that Nintendo are releasing a successor the phenomenally successful Wii next year and now Microsoft has come out and updated us on their financials and the Xbox 360 has been doing incredibly well.

In pure numbers form the Xbox 360 division is up $712 million or 69% which is mostly (but not entirely) being driven by the hugely successful Kinect.

In its 3rd quarter of 2011 Microsoft has sold 2.7 million Xbox 360’s and 2.4 million Kinects (including bundled) which means it’s virtually selling a Kinect with every Xbox 360.

It’s also a sharp increase to it’s matching 2010 quarter where it sold 1.5 million Xbox 360’s.

So far in the first 9 months of it’s 2011 season it has shipped 11.9 million consoles and 10.4 million Kinects which is 3 million more consoles than the matching 2010 time period.

But it’s not only sales of hardware that have increased with Xbox Live revenue and online sales also increasing at a steady pace.

As a company overall Microsoft brought in a net income of $5.23 Billion which is a 31% increase compared to the previous year.

While this is all great for Microsoft what it does mean is that they won’t be announcing any new consoles at E3 this year, even if it’s ready they will wait until the 360’s sales start dipping before revealing their next plans.

Source: VG247

And to answer the question in the header that was made mid last year, hell yeah it’s gonna print money

Last Updated: April 29, 2011

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