Xbox 360 installs imminent?

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Installs on the Playstation 3 have caused a lot of controversy over the last year or so, with the old debate of whether or not it is a problem and if it is necessary.

A site called posted up an article about how they wonder if the Xbox 360 will be heading down the same path now that the 60gb SKU is making its way into the market.

I know that one of the reasons for game installs on the PS3 is the slower read rate of a Blu-Ray Disc, but it still makes you wonder if Microsoft is going to be taking a look at the idea.

I personally think its a bogus idea unless it is only an optional install as Microsoft have made so many compromises in the past to accommodate owners of the Core or Arcade consoles that it will be strange if they suddenly flip their strategy around. But then again, nothing surprises me these days.


Last Updated: July 15, 2008

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