Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 in Japan… Again

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Can you believe that the Xbox 360 has actually outsold the PS3 in Japan now for 4 weeks running.

That really is quite a feat and while the numbers are still low it must worry Sony a bit, I remember people saying that Microsoft cannot win this war without taking Japan. I have never believed that to be honest but it doesn’t matter which way you swing this, Japan is an important market in the gaming industry and Sony will not be happy about losing face in their own back yard.

The question however is what can Sony do about it? Microsoft has thrown so much money at the 360 in Japan that some of it had to stick and Sony are not in a position to do that right now.

However if they let it keep going then Microsoft are going to entrench themselves in the country which will make it even harder for Sony.

To make matter worse for Sony, the PS2 even outsold the PS3 this week…

The real winner overall though was Nintendo once again and if the conversations I hear at Braai’s and in the shops are anything to go with then Nintendo is going to clean up this holiday season once again.

All sales this week were down but that was to be expected in the current economic climate, the 360 however dropped the least in terms of percentage…

– DS Lite: 31,914  10,471 (24.70%) 
– PSP: 23,901  2,144 (8.23%)
– Wii: 22,877  2,453 (9.68%)
– Xbox 360: 7,763  508 (6.14%)
– PS2: 6,982  1,636 (18.98%)
– PS3: 5,734  1,498 (20.71%)

Last Updated: October 20, 2008

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