Xbox 360 owners reporting blank video output issue

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Engadget is reporting video output issues on the Xbox 360 this morning.

Reports are filtering in about the screens going blank but the users can still hear what is going on. There is also one or two people complaining that the red aspect of colour is failing.

Strange that this surfaces now as I was playing Gears on the weekend and my entire screen went pink for quite a while…. it corrected itself at the end of the round and I didn’t think much more of it.

I wonder if the Xbox 360 has a new super bug now? 

Link to Xbox 360 owners reporting blank video output issue – Engadget

Last Updated: June 25, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Ryuu

    So would you recommend to rather buy a PS3, seeing that it has not half the problems that xbox 360 have, I had 2 xbox 360’s both gave me sh$t and gave them back. But the games are much cooler on the xbox….or am I wrong?

  • LazySAGamer


    I would still recommend the Xbox 360 at the moment due to it’s favourable price, larger catalogue of games and it’s class leading online ability…

    However M$ need to sort out the reliability issues soon otherwise people will start ditching them.

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