Xbox 360 price drop nearly confirmed

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You have all heard about it by now and the evidence for the $50 price drop is mounting…  The two images above are from Walmart and Toys R Us… GameStop branches have also been told to now offer less for Xbox 360 trade ins which could be construed to mean they know a price drop is coming.

Personally I am disappointed that Microsoft hasn’t gone for the kill with a $100 price drop but a price drop is always good. There is also no reason to believe we will be left out so expect to be able to pick up a Xbox 360 pro for R2999 R3300 and a Xbox 360 Core for R1999 R2400 at the end of August.

R2400 for a next gen gaming console with a rumoured memory card bundled in is a very good deal especially since they are still trying to sell PS2’s for R1499 in South Africa.

[Update] Bad maths on my side.

Last Updated: July 30, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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