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Xbox 360 Price Drop…. Sorry NO

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After hearing numerous rumours recently of an imminent price drop it seem our hoping was in vain.

Microsoft are yet to reply to my questions in regard to this but I did manage to get some information from Shannon at BT Games.

They have not received any information on a price drop and whilst not ruling it out completely, she did go on to say they are a Microsoft strategic partner and if they haven’t been informed yet then no one has.

Many people where expecting Microsoft to do something amazing this week to counteract the PS3’s release on Friday but according to Shannon the only thing they are going to do is release a new range of budget titles….

So that is some good news at least, if you where planning on buying one of the older games this week, rather hang on and see if it ends up in the budget range…

Take2 has already listed a bunch of titles including Dead or Alive 4 and Ghost Recon for between R230 and R250 which is a very nice price indeed…

Last Updated: March 19, 2007

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