Xbox 360 Pro being phased out – only Elite and Arcade to remain

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It has long been rumoured, okay 2 months isn’t long but short been rumoured doesn’t make sense… where was I ..

Oh yeah it has long been rumoured that Microsoft are planning on dropping the Xbox 360 Pro (the 60GB model) and just going with the Elite as it’s main model with the Arcade enticing those casual gamers into the market.

Well the latest Arcade boxes that arrived at Gamestop over the weekend seem to confirm this, click through for the image.

As you can see below the old packaging on the left has three different SKU’s being compared. However on the right there are only 2.

Shock horror?


The big question this raises however is in regards to the pricing, surely Microsoft aren’t stupid enough to drop the 60Gb model and then keep the 120Gb model at the same price as the base PS3?

So I am assuming that along with this new change in plans we will also be seeing a substantial price drop in the 120Gb model and hopefully yet another price drop in the Arcade model to go with it.

I’ll shoot of an email to our local Microsoft office to see if they can confirm this change and whether we are expecting a price drop or not.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 6, 2009

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