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Xbox 360 receives massive price cut… in Australia

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Ah Australia, otherwise known as the land of censorship and exorbitant prices… but how you are changing. First you decide that adults can actually think for themselves* and now you have graced local gamers with a massive Xbox 360 price cut.

According to an article on stevivor.com Microsoft has dropped the prices of their consoles across the board and the new pricing structure actually makes the console cheaper in Australia than in South Africa for the very first time.

The new prices are

  • Kinect Sensor, $149 (R1277) (save $50 (R428))
  • 4GB Xbox 360, $199 (R1705) (save $50)
  • 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, $299 (R2562) (save $100 (R857))
  • 250GB Xbox 360 $299 (Save $150 (R1285))
  • Limited edition consoles $399 (R3419) (save $50)

This translates to about R300 cheaper than our local prices across the board but more excitingly are we now in for a massive price drop before Christmas as well? I’ve reached out to our local representative and will update if he gets back to me but for comparison purposes, if we received the same percentage price drop our 250Gb model would cost R1999(ish)…

With Xbox trailing the PS3 locally this could be the kick the platform needed to really push on and dominate.

    *after living in Australia for over two years I’m not sure the government is correct on this one.

    Last Updated: October 3, 2012

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