Xbox 360 version of 'Madden NFL 08' sticks it to PS3

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USAToday has reviewed the latest Madden Iteration and has overwhelmingly backed the 360 version. 

PS3 owners, unfortunately, are greeted with a Madden that is sluggish in comparison. Action stutters far too often, particularly on injuries, penalties and turnovers. There’s also a half-second delay between pressing the hike button and receiving the ball in your hands. Even close-ups between play look dull when lined up against the 360’s sleeker cut scenes.

I for one have always enjoyed American Football and would love to have a go at this game, unfortunately I seem to be in the minority in South Africa as this game is harder to find than the Wii at the moment.

There have been a lot of complaints about the PS3 version so far and EA Sports has officially replied to some of it.

While we fully understand your frustration with the limitations the technology has placed against the video frames per second of the game play on the PlayStation 3 game console, it was out intent to put out the best possible with Madden across 10 platforms.

They go on to say that since they have had much more time with the 360 it is easier to develop for but not to worry as they will get the hang of the PS3… But the problem I see is that next year they would still have had more time with the 360 and it will then still be better will it not?

I am sure the people who have forked out virtually double the cost on their console are expecting the games to be better on their console, or at least the same. However so far the PS3 has lost every single head to head. That must hurt.

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Last Updated: August 15, 2007

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