XBOX 360 vs PS3 Price Comparison

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I am a proud owner of an XBOX 360. On the weekend I caved and bought myself the PS3 60GB version. This got me thinking, a lot of people say that the PS3 a lot more expensive than the XBOX. I did some simple calculations and I believe that the PS3 is actually cheaper than the XBOX. At the end of the day if you purchase a PS3 and then buy all the accessories to make the XBOX have the same features/ accessories as the PS3 the XBOX is more expensive.

Here is the comparison:


Console: R5,599 (What I paid, included 2 games, 2 controllers which I am not going to worry about for now)
Wireless Adapter: Included
Blu-Ray Player: Included
Total: R5,599

XBOX 360 Premium

Console: R 3,549 (Normal premium version)
Wireless Adapter: R800
HD-DVD Player: R1,707 (
Total: R6,056

I think the reason why people think that the XBOX is cheaper is that they have “smaller” versions of the console as well as make a lot of the features “extras” that you can buy separately making the initial outlay a lot less. In my mind the PS3 is a far better buy and with games becoming more available it does look appealing. I think only time will tell.

Last Updated: November 20, 2007

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