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Xbox 360 winning in America, PS3 winning in Europe

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We’ve know for quite some time that the PS3 is ahead of the Xbox 360 in Europe while the Xbox is leading in America, but what we haven’t knows is how far the respective leads are and who really is winning worldwide.

And while we still don’t know for sure we do have a clearer picture thanks to GameStop which has released it’s own research and seeing as they are the biggest gaming retailer on the planet I think it’s fair to say they are going to be pretty accurate.

So onto the figures,

In America the Wii is leading with an install base of 34.2 million followed far behind by the Xbox 360 with 25.4 million with the PS3 bringing up the rear with 15.4 million.

In the portable market the DS has sold 47.3 million units while the PSP has shifted 19 million.

Now let’s jump over the pond to Europe and take a look at their figures

The Wii still leads with 24.9 million units sold followed by the PS3 with 14.7 million with the Xbox 360 bringing up the rear with 13.7 million.

When we look at the portables the DS is still leading with 46 million with the PSP in second with 14.8 million.

The latest figures I could find for Japan has the Wii leading with 11.5 million followed by the PS3 with 6.4 million and the Xbox 360 far behind with 1.4 million units sold.

Leaving us with worldwide sales as follows

Console Sales
Wii 70 600 000
Xbox 360 40 500 000
PS3 36 500 000

So as we discussed last week in the Flamebait Friday Debate, does this meant the Wii is the best console or at least the clear victor?

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: April 1, 2011

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