Xbox Achievements Go Full Circle

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The Xbox 360 sports an exalted achievement system – which has the ability to make gamers play through tedious bits of games they wouldn’t otherwise bother with, as well as purchase games they wouldn’t generally be caught dead playing; all for the sake of a misguided sense of self-worth, or digital e-penis extension. The obvious inspiration for the PS3’s me-too trophy system, the Xbox’s achievements have come full circle, as they’re now borrowing certain elements from the PS3.

According to Major Nelson’s latest podcast, Microsoft will be insisting that all games feature achievements tiered by difficulty – easy, medium, and hard – much like the PS3’s bronze, silver gold and platinum trophies. What does this mean to real-world gamers? Well, for a start achievement whores may be required to work a little harder for their gamerscore fix – achievements like those seen in Avatar : The Last Airbender will be a thing of the past.

Source : Major Nelson

Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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