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Xbox Elite Confirmed – Late April

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So the rumours about the Black Xbox (Zephyr) seemed to have been confirmed.

Kotaku.com is reporting this morning that Matt Helgeson who is the senior editor for Game Informer magazine has confirmed that this Xbox Elite is going to be hitting the stores towards the end of April.

The black is only a limited edition colour and after that has been sold out the Elite will change back to the white colour.

The rumours are that the Core model will now be dropped towards the end of the year (November) and that would also be the time that Microsoft announce a price drop for the Premium and this new Elite model.

The Elite does not come with a HD DVD drive and Microsoft have decided that the format hasn’t proven itself. Is that them saying they are giving up on HD DVD?

It also does not come with built in WiFi which is a bad decision in my opinion…

However it does have a HDMI port and Cable :), it also comes with a 120Gb HDD (which can be purchased for your premium), it is black and it is going to cost about R5000.

So do you think it is worth it? Personally I am going to go and pick myself up a Xbox premium instead. I don’t see the value for all that extra cost.

Soource: Kotaku.com

Last Updated: March 21, 2007

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