Some of the best Kinect games from this generation have been fitness titles, because we’d all pretty much like to look better or feel healthier and yet going to gym 5 times a week isn’t always possible with the busy lives we lead.

Not to mention that swinging my fat around in a public area isn’t my idea of fun.


So the idea of having a personal gym and instructor in your own home has always been appealing to gamers and mainstream audiences alike, but the problem is that we are all inherently lazy and while we all start with the best intentions we quickly find a way to trick the system.

Because we want to win but we don’t really want to put in that much effort.

Well the Xbox One and new Kinect could be the solution that we require. The technology in the new Kinect is very impressive and can apparently measure our heart beat, pick up all our movements and even see where our weight is shifting on our body.

Put all those things together along with a superstar line-up of personal trainers and you get Xbox Fitness.

Granted in the end the only thing they can do is aerobic and cardio, maybe some yoga, so you still won’t get to look like the guy on the left but hey at least you aren’t the guy on the right anymore.

And for those of you crying because I’ve now used a sexy male image just a few stories after our manly ION yesterday, here’s a pretty female gym goer. Mind you I’m not sure you can get all of that from just gym either… just saying.


Last Updated: September 27, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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