Xbox friend cap raised to 1000

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We’ve discussed this before but as a quick recap, do you know why you are only allowed 100 friends on Xbox Live? Well it was due to a programming glitch (or feature) on the original Live platform that we have been forced to endure while those weird Americans continued to play Halo 2.

However with the complete shut down of Halo 2 a few months back that limitation can now be removed and according to reports coming out of Germany the new Xbox dashboard update will be increasing that limit by ten fold to 1000.

While I am not sure I want 1000 people on my friends list it will save me some time as I spend a couple of minutes a week removing dormant friends so that I can accept new requests.

Even though I rarely get to play with anyone being on the wrong side of the planet and all.

This is still marked as a rumour but if it turns out to be true then we can all add everyone we know and still have room left over for the psychotic axe wielding old dude with no pain receptacles. I would love to know what the hell he was thinking when he started out on his quest.

Source: Joystiq


Major Nelson tweeted earlier that this rumour is in fact false

Let me straighten things out: We will not be expanding the friends list as a part of the next Xbox LIVE Update.
9 hours ago

Thanks to eXp for the  heads up

Last Updated: October 15, 2010

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