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Xbox Live coming to South Africa

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Well this is some great news isn’t it! It looks like the possibility of Xbox Live coming to South Africa is become better and better.

ITweb.co.za reports that “Xbox product manager John Press is confident Microsoft would greenlight an Xbox Live expansion into the country.”

Press says that there are already 4000 Xbox live users in SA (sshhhhhhh* thats us) and he says that they hope to attract more. He also goes on to say that:

“The pressing question is always ‘what is Xbox Live and why don’t we have it?’” He explains that Microsoft had not formerly launched its online gaming service in SA simply because the country is not the “only emerging market out there”.

“Yet we are working closely with the people in charge and we want to convince Microsoft that when Xbox Live is launched in SA, they will have a 100% adequate service.”

After watching the E3 conference from Microsoft, I realised that with their new turn to a more casual market, we would be seeing a truckload of marketing coming from them from now till the December holidays.

I do feel like this could be one of the steps that they are going to be taking worldwide. Get the smaller markets as well and then get all the more casual folks to buy into all of their new features. That can’t be done without Xbox Live. Well, let’s see what happens.

*holding thumbs*

source: itweb

Last Updated: July 18, 2008

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