Xbox Live gamer tags breached again?

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When playing Gears on Monday night I witnessed quite a disturbing event.

We were playing a private game and half way through a gamer called XennoX ZA joined, however he was already in the game and had been for a while. Originally I thought it was just another Gears notification glitch but it became apparent very quickly that we now had two players called XennoX ZA in our game. The ghost player kept quite and never said anything but by his reactions in game it was apparent that he could hear us.

After the round ended and he still refused to communicate we decided to kick him. However we could not. The host tried and the system said he had been kicked but he never did? When I tried to view his profile I couldn’t it just said ‘Profile not available’. In the end we just had to drop the game and re-host from scratch.

What I find very disturbing about this is that unlike when gamertags are normally stolen this time they were both logged on at the exact same time, which goes against all the Xbox Live rules.

Now I have no idea if this ghost had access to any credit card details or Microsoft points on this profile but it is very worrying that a person can be using your account and you may never know.

I have asked Microsoft for a response on this but at the time of writing I am yet to receive an official response from the Live team.

[Update] The Microsoft Xbox Live team has looked into this issue and from what I have been told it appears to be a case of crossed lines. Since there has not been another report of this happening anywhere I guess we will have to believe them.

Last Updated: September 12, 2007

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