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Xbox Live Games Being Axed

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So apparently the bad under appreciated Xbox Live titles are being removed of the system, I personally think this is a fantastic idea as most of the games on there are absolute rubbish.

However the mob got worked up again and complained that when their Xbox 360 RROD’s they won’t be able to re-download their paid for games… but apparently that is not true and therefore is a mute point…

So which games are going to be removed?, well we have no confirmation yet but according to Gaming Bits we may be losing some fantastic [sarcasm] titles like (metacritic score in brackets)

Yaris (19), Double Dragon (57), Pac-Man (62), Ecco the Dolphin (53) and Texam Hold ’em (63)… wait a minute I really enjoy Texas Hold ’em… how did that get a 63?

Oi Metacritic add my 99% to it and see if we can move it over the 65% cut off….

So which other games should be removed? *cough* space giraffe *cough*

Last Updated: May 26, 2008

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