Xbox Live launching in the Middle East?

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There is apparently going to be a big announcement about Xbox 360 in the Middle East this week. It’s all very secretive at the moment but the rumours are going around about an impending Xbox Live release over there.

First let’s get the bad out of the way… I am sure that we in South Africa have a much larger Xbox 360 community than they do in the Middle East and this is just more proof that the bigwigs in Redmond are ignoring Africa.

I really wish they could come here on holiday and realise that we actually have a very advanced country and retail system and that Xbox Live would work here.

Anyway rant over, lets look at the good.

If Xbox Live is launched in the Middle East it’s one step closer to Microsoft covering the globe, which will have to include us. It is also a good sign that they are looking at releasing Xbox Live regionally and not just for a single country. If Microsoft just plopped some servers in Rosebank and called it Xbox Live Africa I would be happy. Every country doesn’t need their own server or dedicated service.

Actually all we really want is to be able to choose local billing and to stop being limited by the weird German laws. I don’t care if we get a server or not. Why is this so hard for Microsoft to implement?

Xbox News: Xbox Live to launch in Middle East soon? –

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Last Updated: March 10, 2008

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