Xbox Live Silver accounts to offer free Multiplayer as well?

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This may be a glitch or a bug, or it may be something that only works with specific games.

Some of you may remember that we reported a while back that Microsoft has decided to make multiplayer gaming accessible with a silver account on Games for Windows Live. Well, why is it then that some people are reporting that they are playing multiplayer games on their Xbox Live Silver accounts?

This is all a bit complicated and must not be misunderstood. This last weekend, Xbox Live had an open weekend that allows anyone who only has a silver account, to play online for free. The reports of people playing multiplayer games on their silver accounts started on Wednesday already.

The games that are affected are games that are available for Live on both platforms, such as Shadowrun and Lost Planet.

If we are really lucky, this could mean that Microsoft may be thinking of offering free multiplayer gaming with a silver account, or this could be a glitch. For all we know, Microsoft is just as curious as we are.

source: N4G

Last Updated: July 29, 2008

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