Xbox Live South Africa – Petition

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A new site has been launched in South Africa that is being used to petition Microsoft to launch Xbox Live locally.

To sign the petition you need to enter your real name and Gamertag which means only people who are currently active on Live can actually sign this petition….

This obviously limits the numbers that could sign up but does go a long way in showing Microsoft how many South Africans are currently on Live. Currently the petition has 145 signatories and it has only been up and running for 2 days so far.

So if you are currently playing on Live please follow the link and add your gamertag to the list. Also try and spread the word about this site through any channels that you have.

Link to Say Your Say

Last Updated: May 8, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Philip Straw

    XBox is all about online. Show the South Africans what it’s all about.

  • LazySAGamer

    Quick Update… There are now 380 signatories…. we need a lot more still

  • Ruan

    Please give us our local support as we are also a growing community and wishes to enjoy our gaming experience locally

  • lj

    [Edited by LazySAGamer] Sorry I don’t allow political issues on the blog, whether I agree with them or not. 😉

  • 1758 signatories And MS Wont Give Us Live Or Even Reply???? This Is Crap!!!!

  • Trevor

    Microsoft SA doesn’t care – you bought the console and now your stuck buying their games. My opinion – buy a PS3 – I have both but alteast I can play battlefield bad company online the way it was meant to be played.

  • joe

    xbox 360 is the **** being playing online since i got it never had problems much better than ps3 by far come on sa go live on xbox 360

  • Wesley

    now how should people sign a petition if they dont even have an account and dont wanna go to other servers just to have a account??

    Whats the use of a petition then???

    FYI not everybody here know what measures to follow to getting a Xbox live account via an overseas account. Why not make a petition of all the excisting “offline gamers” aswel, this is just plain pointless

  • ed-luck#13

    💡 Live people where is it? Lets burn down Microsofts HQ in SA, maybe then we will get reconized!!!!!!!!!

  • Mamparra

    I play alot computer games, now that the new games like DOW2 comes out with Xbox live I am very disappointed. I contact Xbox live and all they say is that they commingsoon to South-Africa. I just think its very lame of them to sell games specially in Africa that is not supported. They work a day for a game, here you got nearly to work a weak to buy a game and then to find its not supported is a big mistake from there side. BT games did had the normal edtion but because of the serail key mistake the hole batch whas sent back. So I dig up R500 for the special Edition just to find out its not supported. To give the game back I don’t know if that is a option and signing in as an Amirican. Lieing your way through to Xbox live just loses me.

  • Deon Mondlana

    I wonder if i’ve been naive in thinking that microsoft had the better home entertainment system.Microsoft makes it a point for the world to hear about the “new xbox experience”.In this year’s E3 expo,all microsoft has been bragging about is how they plan to exponentially increase this experience for the better,via xbox live.Judging by ‘your’ response – or lack of- from this petition,HAS IT EVEN OCCURED TO YOU THAT SOUTH AFRICA DOES NOT HAVE THE SERVICE?! I mean whats the point of making new promises, when you cannot even deliver on the promises that made me buy your product to begin with?!

    To the Xbox team,you are definately the worste persons in the world.

  • Shea

    Absolutely ridiculous!!!! How can Microsoft with all there freakin money not provide SA with Xbox live!!! Infact the whole of Africa is left out!! Its just not right and it doesnt do there reputation any good. Everybody please also take the time to give them a piece of your mind through the “feedback” option on there site.

  • Nils

    Is there any news? Is somebody doing anything to help the cause? What can we do?

  • thurston salt

    i come from South Africa..
    is there any way i can play live?
    if there is please give me instructions and wat not
    thanx =0

  • thurston salt

    hey guys
    im from south africa,i was wondering if there are any other south africans that got it right to play live.
    if u have a method please would u email me,would apreciate it
    [email protected]

    • hey Thurston,

      There are a ton of people playing on Live in SA.

      It’s pretty straight forward, what would you like to know?

  • We Xbox Fan boys all around SA we will win the struggle against MS 4 XBL.We’ll triumph.

  • zanouk

    This needs to happen and quick.
    MS better come to the table soon.

    • Bluntmerlin969

      What’s going on microsoft, S.A is waiting for you.

  • Ryan Mulder

    We want x-box live in S.A why not microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :angry:

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