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Xbox Live vs PSN

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You knew it was coming, now that we have had the official announcement of Firmware 2.40 and the long awaited in game XMB we have to relook at the Xbox Live vs PSN comparison.

Previously the PSN always fell short but things have changed.. or will be changing when it gets released.

A site by the name of reelgamers.com have put together a quick comparison between the two and asks the big question… can Microsoft continue to charge hundreds of Rands per year to offer a similar service to the PSN which is free?

Reelgamers feel that the PSN is now the top offering and while I agree with a lot of their points I have to disagree with them giving the PSN a point for the continuous firmware updates. I think that’s a personal choice really as I prefer the larger big bang approach of Microsoft to the faster iterative approach of Sony.

However having said that we didn’t see the expected Spring release and Xbox Live is starting to look dated now… It’s becoming a theme now, Microsoft needs to do something… fast.

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Last Updated: July 1, 2008

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