Xbox making progress in Japan?

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So the weekly hardware sales are out and there is only one big mover from last week.

Wii – 65,521
PlayStation 2 – 11,974
Xbox 360 – 7,583

So they all stay in the same position but the Xbox 360 has jumped from just over 2k to 7.5k… All of that can be put down to Trusty Bell  which sold over 49k last week in Japan. I guess every single Xbox 360 owner bought a copy then…

In relation the Wii seems to sit between 55k and 65k now. I guess that is how many they can make since they are still sold out and the PS3 is stable at 9k.

Link to Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart – Kotaku

Last Updated: June 22, 2007

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