Xbox One can handle 8 controllers connected at once

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In a bit of a strange turn of events it has been revealed that the Xbox One will be able to handle 8 connected controllers at one time which got me wondering why Microsoft would even do that. Do they have some plans to release titles that will require gamers to use multiple controllers?

I can’t imagine any local multiplayer game taking 8 players simultaneously simply due to the lack of screen real estate in 99% of cases. What is interesting about the Xbox One and its controller + Kinect 2 features is that the console will keep track of which player is currently holding the controller.

So imagine you only have one controller and you are taking turns to try and get the highest score in Trials HD. You take your turn and score an achievement for not crashing into the very first barrel on the course.

Then after you are done you simply pass the controller to your mate and the Xbox One will instantly change the active profile to his; meaning that he can then unlock that same achievement in his run. I’ve seen this happen live in our Xbox One tour and it really is quite impressive and seamless. But again points to even less reason to have 8 controllers connected at once since you can share controllers even easier than ever before?

Last Updated: September 3, 2013

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