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Xbox One’s Upload Studio is getting a few new tricks

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If you’ve got a new console, you’ve got a chance to be YouTube/Twitch famous now. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One both have downloadable software that allows you to edit gameplay, although the PS4 may just have the best hardware for internally capturing said gameplay, when compared to the woefully inadequate and awkward system that the Xbox One has for the same purpose. But the Xbox One may just have the better software editing suite now, thanks to a new update.

The Xbox One Upload Studio will now have a few new tricks up its digital sleeves. And the biggest addition is easily the new chroma-key function, which will be used through the Kinect. That’s big news for YouTubers and Twitch broadcasters, as chroma-key will allow them to insert themselves into gameplay streams, via some green screen magic.

For some reason, people like seeing the folks talking about games, in the flesh. Doing so can increase hits, although the last time I tried that on our YouTube channel it sent our subscriber numbers into a deep black hole of no return. As my momma always said, I may indeed have a face for radio, provided said radio was broken.

Upload Studio will now also allow users to edit up to 15 segments with a grand total running time of 30 minutes allowed. You’ll also be able to throw in some fancy transitions, title cards, intros and various other effects. Handy stuff if you don’t have access to software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects then. The PlayStation 4 has a similar editing suite in place, but one that is a tad bit more limited, as it doesn’t allow for more than 15 minutes of footage to be produced.

Now if the Xbox One could come up with a better capture process, I’d be damn happy to make use of it in conjunction with my capture device.

Last Updated: February 17, 2015

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