Xbox’s vision is about gamers, not competitors

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Phil Spencer has been filled with candid answers to questions lately, and it’s made for an intriguing bit of insight into the Xbox brand plan. He explained why he doesn’t feel the need to get into drama-fueled fights with competitors and has generally just continued the “good guy” approach. Now it seems like his personal views are being taken on board by Xbox in general, and might just make the brand better for it.

Over on twitter, Spencer replied to some questions about Xbox and it sounds like we’re going to win if Xbox continues this vision:

I think it’s important to have competition in the market, but that it has to be built on something other than silly console wars. Neither brand would be able to sell consoles just by fighting the other; it’s all about building the best possible console with the best possible games and letting gamers make their own decisions.

This year, I think Xbox has a stronger holiday line up than PS4, but the PS4 already has a solid catalogue of games and generally delivers better performance on third party titles. It’s going to be a tough call for many gamers this holiday, but I think if both companies can keep the focus on creating excellent experiences for gamers, we will all win, regardless of our platforms of choice.

Last Updated: October 12, 2015

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