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XCOM 2 – Hero character unlock guide

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XCOM 2 isn’t your standard game. You can’t go in guns blazing and hope for the best. It’s about tactics, smarts and outflanking your alien scum enemy at the end of the day. And mastering those battlefield basics will only keep you alive for so long. You’re going to need some real muscle to turn the tide of battle. Experienced soldiers who know where to aim and have the skills to pay the bills.

And there’s an easy way to get that advantage early on in XCOM 2. By renaming your soldiers, you can give your troopers a power-up that will have the Greys running for cover. It’s easy enough to do so, and these titans can be recruited for free. So what’s the catch? Put simply, there’ll be no challenge if you have these heroes in your squad.

For most of the game, Hero soldiers can easily take out entire maps of enemies on their own, which kind of ruins the fun of having a small army of custom troops who are ready to die in battle for you, provided that the killbots coming after you have an automatic reset function when they reach their kill limit. So yeah, buyer be warned.

There’s only been a handful of Heroes discovered so far. I’ll update this list as more are uncovered.

Sid “Godfather” Meier

XCOM 2 Hero

The legend returns. The titan of game design has survived his first tour of duty in 2012’s XCOM game, and is back to kick some more alien ass. Psycho Sid Meier rolls into XCOM 2 with every single Psionic skill available to him, high Psi stats and massively-advanced armour and weapons.

First Name: Sid

Last Name: Meier

Peter “Diamond/Wildchild/Fury” Van Doorn

XCOM 2 Hero

The story of Peter Van Doorn began back in the last XCOM game, where his character would spout various lines such as “You the Ops team? Get over here!” or “Get down here! Not fair if I have all the fun” at MAXIMUM VOLUME during a rescue mission. Louder and more brash than ever before, Van Doorn is an Assault Build Ranger Colonel who can use powerful Conceal and Rapid Fire scout skills to wreak havoc behind enemy lines.

He’s also outfitted with the best gear around and can move like grease lightning when he needs to. “Come on! I won’t go down without a fight!”

First Name: Peter

Last Name: Van Hoorn


XCOM’s greatest streamer is back. The master of the XCOM: Ironman Impossible YouTube series can only be unlocked by inputting his nickname into XCOM 2, but doing so unlocks a particularly powerful ally.

First Name: N/A

Nickname: Beaglerush

Last Name: N/A

Last Updated: February 9, 2016

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