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Don’t panic, you haven’t accidently typed in the wrong URL this morning and you are in fact on as you should be. Over the weekend we moved our server from Germany to right here in South Africa in an attempt to improve our offerings.

At the same time we pushed forward our new site design as well. Unfortunately everything went wrong over the weekend so you may find a few loose wires and oddities hanging around still. If you see anything that doesn’t work or you hate please grab a screenshot and drop it in the comments below.

The biggest change from a reading perspective is our latest news drop down

This little dropdown shows you the latest 15 articles we have posted, the number on the block is the number of unread articles. As you can see once an article is read the image and title will be greyed out and the number will drop.

Now that we are posting over 20 articles a day we are hoping this will help you not miss anything.

For the tech people, this is all run with jquery and cookies, we make sure to only store the last 50 article ID’s in the cookie so you don’t get fat. If you don’t allow cookies we think you’re weird but it should then simply not show a number and not work as awesome as it does now.

The site is also responsive now so you should get a better mobile experience, it’s buggy on the front page at the moment but the article pages are working pretty well.

We have some exciting things planned that we will be adding in the near future but for now let’s see if the new server can handle the load before we add too many new features. If the site is slow or unresponsive to you please yell.

Oh and we lost some comments from last week, sorry about that. You weren’t censored; the comments just seem to be refusing to attach to the correct articles. I’m still working on it. Along with a myriad of other things.

Last Updated: September 1, 2014

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