You can change skills on the fly in The Division

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When I first joined Lazygamer, all those years ago, Darryn and Geoff went off to E3 and I was left alone with Gavin to man the fort. It was a different time, a time when I was still so easily hyped by E3 trailers. Okay, so it wasn’t that different a time because I’m still so easily excited by cool looking games. One of my standout favourites that year was The Division – it looked gritty, had an awesome premise and seemed to show off something really cool and new. Years have gone by since then, but I’m still excited for the game, which is why I’m always happy to hear more about it.

During a community Q&A video, we learn more about the skills, weapon skinning and even how many characters you can have:

I like the way the skill changing is explained:

So, as you unlock skills, you permanently have access to those skills. As a player, you can equip up to two skills. They are available on each bumper so you can use them in the middle of combat. However, at any point you can go back through the menu and you can swap out those skills with others. Doing so is not necessarily recommended especially in combat.

Yeah, I doubt that I would be quick enough to change skills during combat to try and change up the strategy while under fire. Then again, I’ve done that enough in other games, so depending on the UI it might be manageable. I just like that if I’m in the heat of battle and notice that my teammates need more firepower, or more health, I could change my skill load out to better suit the needs of the team, and then change back afterwards. Then again, I know myself – I generally tend towards a specific kind of play style or two and struggle to break out of those moulds. That just means I need to find a group of people to play with where my unique set of skills fits in, right?

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Last Updated: November 16, 2015

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