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You can play Dishono(u)red right now!

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Don’t feel like waiting a few extra weeks to get your hands dirty as a mage on a quest for vengeance, using a myriad of skills to gain a measure of revenge? Well good news then, becuase you play Dishono(u)red right now, for free. Sort of.

If you watched way too many Tom and Jerry cartoons and have a pet cat, then right now, you can eviscerate some rats, Fruit Ninja Style, on your iOS device. It’s a free download, and it’ll help the fictional town of Dunwall get rid of that rat problem that it’s been having lately, as you use some arcane skills to get the job done.

Considering that I had a pet rat as a kid, this game makes me feel pretty rotten inside every time I kill a miniature plague carrier.

Last Updated: September 13, 2012

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