You can’t have the God of War Omega collection

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When it comes to games, Latin America tends to get screwed even more than we South Africans; not only do they get shafted on content, but games also tend to be on the pricy side.

Sony seems to be making it a little better for our South and Central American friends – by giving them this exclusive God of War Omega bundle.

No, you can’t have it.

The pack includes every single God of War game that’s currently playable on the PlayStation 3;

  • God of War 1 and 2 via the HD collection
  • PSP originals Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta via the Origins collection
  • God of War 3

Furthermore, the collection includes a steel artbook and its crowning glory, a bronze Kratos statue; all of it beautifully packaged in a collector’s box. It’s exclusive to Latin America, so won;t be released here – but as with all Ps3 games it won’t have any region restrictions – so might be worth an import.

While we’re on the topic of God of War…what’s your favourite? I’m particularly partial to God of War 2 and Ready at Dawn’s Ghosts of Sparta. While God of War III was a visual spectacle, beautiful to watch, I can’t say I was particularly enamoured with the game; it was just more of the same – just without Jaffe’s distinct touch.

I sincerely hope that God of War Ascension brings some real changes to the established formula – and it looks like it might. It features multiplayer, but more interestingly gives Kratos an expanded array of weaponry, also allowing him to tether and drag enemies.

Last Updated: June 11, 2012

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