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You could be playing the Dead Space 3 demo right now!

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Hey! If you own an Xbox 360 and aren’t afraid of either Facebook or Origin, you could be playing the Dead Space 3 demo right now. EA is giving early access to the demo to select Xbox gamers, by way of a download code,by following the Dead space Facebook and Twitter accounts

All you have to do is head over to https://demo.deadspace.com/ and follow the instructions, and you could be spending your evening shooting the limbs off of Necromorphs.

The demo contains single and co-operative multiplayer, so you’ll be able to see if adding another player makes the game less scary, or adds a new dimension. It also features those integrated Kinect commands, so when you go about screaming FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU


UUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK in terror, it’ll have real effects within the game. The demo will also give you a small taste of the new weapon crafting system, which will allow you to build new ingenious ways of tearing undead alien zombies to shreds. As an added bonus, 360 gamers who complete the demo in in co-op will reward both players with the “Stasis Support Attachment” for the full game.

For those of you who’re not quite as impatient, unwilling to jump through hoops for a demo, or don’t have a 360, you’ll be able to gran the demo when it sees general release on January 22. Unfortunately, there’s no demo on the (event) horizon for PC gamers.

I remain cautiously optimistic about Dead Space 3. I had a limited bit of time with the game at Gamescom last year, and it looks and feels..like Dead Space. I’m a little worried about the focus on action over straight up scares, but I’m pretty confident that Visceral will gives us a great experience regardless.

Last Updated: January 16, 2013

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