You might never meet anyone else in No Man’s Sky

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So long suckas

One of the biggest games of 2015 won’t be developed by a studio with employees that number in the hundreds. It’ll be one smaller-scale developer with big ambitions and dreams, in the form of Hello Games and No Man’s Sky. That’s a space flight game that has me excited. Not just for the sheer scope that it represents, but also for the chance to actually explore and find something new to do. It could be a game so massive, that you might never ever meet another player, something that even Hello Games is uncertain of.

And that’s thanks to the procedurally generated seeds, which combines personal galaxy building and exploration over a massive network. Thanks to that method, players can explore the worlds of those pilots who came before them, in the vast cold and dark vacuum of space. So will pilots ever meet one another? “We don’t know,” Hello Games boss Sean Murray he told the Guardian.

We don’t know if people will spread evenly out across the universe, or whether they’re going to corral into areas that have already been explored, whether they will form little trade routes, little strips of familiar worlds, going from the outside edge like the spokes of a wheel toward the centre of the galaxy – or whether it will be totally random.

Funny thing is, I could happily go months without bumping into anyone in this kind of game. I think it needs to be a monumental event for players, something that makes them realise the scope of the project that they’re engaging in. And also because I am an anti-social bastard.

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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