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Like with a prenuptial agreement, people get very nervous when gaming companies up their Terms and Conditions. Sony got flak for their new terms following the hacking scandals which included a clause that waives the user’s right to file suit. Now, those terms seem to be industry standard.

Microsoft followed Sony’s lead and introduced similar terms on the Xbox 360 – no class-action lawsuits possible. Now, in order to pre-order an Xbox One, you need to agree to the requirements which include:

You must accept Xbox Software License Terms Xbox Live Terms of Use, and Limited Warranty. Terms include binding arbitration with class action waiver to resolve disputes.

So, cut and paste from all the previous iterations of these same terms of use. Americans just aren’t allowed to engage in a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft. Although, the reality of the law is such that this is just a formality – just about anyone can sue anytime. Lawyers find ways to work around these clauses, including the “this person is an idiot and had no way of understanding what this meant” excuse. In fact, I believe that there are similar terms of use in the small print on microwaves and lawn mowers. Companies have to protect themselves from all those crazy lawsuits.

Now, time to get back to reading my Apple iTunes Terms and Conditions to ensure I won’t be turned into a human cent-iPad.

Last Updated: October 17, 2013

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