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You’ll need Intelligence to unlock Fallout 4’s most interesting weapons

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Fallout 4 explains Intelligence

When I’m busy building up my wastelander in an Fallout game, I usually want them to be able to go places that I really shouldn’t be going to. This usually means I need some technical know-how to get around decrepit but functioning security system, which involves being a little less dense than the trunk of a tree. That’s where Intelligence comes into play, and it’s going to carry a lot of weight in Fallout 4.

Aside from allowing you to hack security terminals and mess with automated robots in creative way, the “I” in S.P.E.C.I.A.L will also allow you to tinker with Fallout 4’s newest feature – weapon crafting. Take a weapon to your crafting bench and you’ll be able to swap out parts, enhance its damage and just generally make a Laser Pistol more badass than it has even been. All if you have the smarts to pull it off.

Intelligence can also come in handy in dire situations too (provided you have the right perks). Converting all of those brain points into more brawn can get you out of a fight that you would otherwise lose, although even Bethesda can’t guarantee that just putting on glasses will turn your wastelander into the next cover model for Capital Wasteland Yearly.

There’s just two more S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes to get through, and I’ve liked how Bethesda have made their otherwise slightly vague levelling system so clear for Fallout 4. When Agility and Luck both wrap up, it’ll be time to head out from Vault 111 soon – to see if you’ve been paying any attention at all.

Last Updated: October 8, 2015

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