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Your PS3 can make you money

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What a fantastic idea….

Following on from the Folding @Home project on the PS3 it now looks like Sony are in discussions with a few companies who also want to use your untapped PS3 power to solve their problems.

What’s better about this though is that these companies are going to possibly rent your machine from you. So whenever you are not playing Motorstorm you select [Cure Cancer] and your machine goes into overdrive crunching numbers. Then after about a month of crunching numbers Sony will give you a free product and will charge said company for your time.

So for all us normal people who work all day we can leave the PS3 crunching numbers all day and get a free game every month for doing nothing… I am loving this idea.

Source: FT.com / Companies / Media & internet – Sony in talks on commercial use for PS3

Last Updated: April 12, 2007


  1. dablakmark8

    April 12, 2007 at 18:20



  2. mccrack

    April 13, 2007 at 00:34

    that was insightful dablakmark8.

    Sounds neat, as long as the incentives are good i can see this working.


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