You’re going to need a 4K TV to see Forza 5 at its best

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The way I see it, if there’s one genre that’s really going to benefit from all this fancy next-gen technology that is speeding this way, it’s racing games. The current slate looks like showroom floor quality at a Concours d’Elegances contest for cars, but out of all them, Forza 5 looks the best. Especially if you have a 4K TV.

Speaking to VG247, Turn 10’s Dan Greenwalt spoke about the differences between Forza 4 and 5, and how the game would solve some glaring current-gen issues, provided that players had access to certain top of the range flatscreen televisions.

Anti-aliasing, is what he was talking about by the way, that process of removing jagged edges from smooth surfaces and textures inside of games.


Yes, it’s changed with Forza 5 but the biggest [cause] is the cars, especially the ones with louvers on the back,” Greenwalt said.

When you have a really bright sky it’s going to create a high contrast which makes lines look jagged. So, what we had with Forza 4, was a game that was running at 720p and now with Forza 5 we have 1080p and 60fps and there’s a lot of post processing going on as well.

So, is that going to solve the jaggy line issue entirely? I think it will still be there in the louvers because it would look that way even with a digital camera. While we’ve taken big leaps and bounds with tech, the idea of completely eliminating the jagged lines technically, it would require a 4K resolution or something like that.

Forza 5 is one of the Xbox One launch titles, that’ll accompany the console in November presumably. If you live in one of the chosen territories that we are not a part of. But having seen that game and its biggest rival Gran Turismo 6 at E3, I can safely say that right now, it’s leading the visual race.

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Of course, it’s not all about graphics is it? Is it? Well expect to shell out over R135 000 for a proper 4K set.

Last Updated: July 1, 2013

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