You’re going to need a 4K TV to see Forza 5 at its best

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The way I see it, if there’s one genre that’s really going to benefit from all this fancy next-gen technology that is speeding this way, it’s racing games. The current slate looks like showroom floor quality at a Concours d’Elegances contest for cars, but out of all them, Forza 5 looks the best. Especially if you have a 4K TV.

Speaking to VG247, Turn 10’s Dan Greenwalt spoke about the differences between Forza 4 and 5, and how the game would solve some glaring current-gen issues, provided that players had access to certain top of the range flatscreen televisions.

Anti-aliasing, is what he was talking about by the way, that process of removing jagged edges from smooth surfaces and textures inside of games.


Yes, it’s changed with Forza 5 but the biggest [cause] is the cars, especially the ones with louvers on the back,” Greenwalt said.

When you have a really bright sky it’s going to create a high contrast which makes lines look jagged. So, what we had with Forza 4, was a game that was running at 720p and now with Forza 5 we have 1080p and 60fps and there’s a lot of post processing going on as well.

So, is that going to solve the jaggy line issue entirely? I think it will still be there in the louvers because it would look that way even with a digital camera. While we’ve taken big leaps and bounds with tech, the idea of completely eliminating the jagged lines technically, it would require a 4K resolution or something like that.

Forza 5 is one of the Xbox One launch titles, that’ll accompany the console in November presumably. If you live in one of the chosen territories that we are not a part of. But having seen that game and its biggest rival Gran Turismo 6 at E3, I can safely say that right now, it’s leading the visual race.

Of course, it’s not all about graphics is it? Is it? Well expect to shell out over R135 000 for a proper 4K set.

Last Updated: July 1, 2013

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