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Zero Punctuation: Saints Row 2

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I had no interest in picking up Saints Row 2 mainly because I had heard all the claims of it being a GTA clone and my interest in GTA dropped off entirely when the game lost my save game progress.

I am sure I did something wrong but I am a seriously lazygamer and if I have to think about saving then the game has gone over my complexity level. So Saints Row 2 was thrown into the same unwanted bin as all other GTA clones have been.

However after watching Yahtzee this week I just have to get my hands on Saints Row 2, I can’t even remember if he said anything bad about the game to be honest. The over riding point that has stayed embedded in my head is that Saints Row 2 is fun and really that is all I look for in a game.

Last Updated: October 30, 2008

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