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Zombie apocalypse defense game They Are Billions will soon add trains

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Zombie train

You’re faced with an onslaught of the undead. Your car bonnet can only take so many bumps, mostly due to the fact that you spent the night running over a greater vermin: Games journos. A motorcycle may be agile, but it also leaves you exposed to an army of rotting hands that want to feast on your face. I couldn’t get my hands on the Popemobile, so I’ll make do with the next best vehicle to avoid the undead: A good ol’ fashioned train.

Steam, gears and pure brute force in a cast iron frame whose only weakness is that it needs a railway system within which to function. I like those odds! Odds that zombie post-apocalypse game They Are Billions also seems to be keen on, as the game’s next big update will introduce trains to Survival mode.

They’re pretty much what you’d expect them to be, regular arrivals that are nigh-unstoppable hunks of iron that can create a huge strategic advantage when a horde of the undead comes for your base. “As we said before we want to keep on trying to enrich the content of the Survival mode with elements from the campaign,” developer Numantian Games wrote on their blog.

Therefore we are also considering including the Trains in the Survival mode, but just as a new environmental element. There will be a railway line that will cross the map and, periodically, there will be trains passing through the map. It will not only be a nice touch for the maps, but also an important strategic element. Obviously, you won’t be able to build over the railways so you’ll have to defend that parts in a different way (without walls). On the other hand, the trains will destroy all those unlucky infected who happen to be on its way.

That’ll certainly be something worth watching!

It’s going to be brilliant. Strategically, you’ve got a momentary gap that you can take advantage of, herding zombies into the path of a train and cutting their momentum down fiercely. Coupled with a recent update that introduced new super-buildings to the world of They Are Billions, this zombie survival sim is shaping up beautifully so far now that the rolling dead are pulling into the next station.

Last Updated: July 2, 2018

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  1. I struggled to play this game and ended up refunding it.

    Yes, I am bad at this game, not going to deny that XD


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