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3 Tips to Fly With Severe Anxiety

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What do you do when your so-called “fear of flying” is much more than a fear of flying? There is no answer to anxiety, and those that suffer from these conditions may struggle in high-stress conditions like this. Knowing what to do is a long, sometimes tricky practice.

However, this doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can ease your flying anxiety. Understanding and preparing is the best defense. Read on to find three new coping mechanisms and anxiety aids that might make the difference on your next flight.

1. Understand Your Fear

While you might understand the feeling of severe anxiety when on a flight, knowing why and how the problem manifests is not always as easy. While you can discover much about your condition through therapy or alternative practices, there are a few different broad types of flying anxiety.

For example, while some flyers are afraid of crashing or technical malfunctions, other anxiety suffers focus on the claustrophobic feeling or germs found within the enclosed space. While it might be easy to become frustrated or overwhelmed, understanding your anxiety is the first big step toward conquering it!

2. Consider a Support Animal

Flying with a support animal is becoming a more accessible option than ever. For many flight companies, just a little forewarning and an emotional support animal letter, such as https://www.esaregistration.org/esa-letter/, might be all you need to take your furry pal with you on the flight. This option gives you access to the kind of support and company that might make flying fears a thing of the past.”

In a recent study from Habri, 87% of Americans have experienced mental health improvements from pet ownership. The link between our pets and the treatment of many anxiety-related disorders becomes more advanced every year. Many anxiety sufferers find their lives improve by taking an emotional support animal with them, especially in high-stress moments such as flying.

3. Research & Prepare

As Andrew Smith once said, “people fear what they don’t understand.” When flying, it’s easy to feel like things are out of your control. It can quickly become overwhelming with unfamiliar sounds, sensations, and technology surrounding you. However, many people who suffer from anxiety find comfort in knowing what to expect and what is happening in the clouds.

Start by remembering that all the things you fear are the same considerations flight companies have also considered. Planes always keep extra fuel, stay underweight, and are full of safety features to combat unforeseen emergencies. If you’ve thought about it, someone else has too! Still afraid of bumps and strange noises? Try reading up on common plane sounds (like Backpacker Travel’s list) in advance.


Are you still feeling nervous? Totally normal! Even experienced flyers might feel strange being so high up in the air, and anxiety conditions don’t make dealing with these high-stress situations any more manageable. 

There is no reason to feel down about something you cannot help; your condition is tough, and overcoming these scary situations may not happen immediately. Arming yourself with facts, practices, and solutions can help guide you to a new understanding that may just put you on track to conquer your flying concerns! 

Last Updated: May 11, 2022

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