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5 Men’s Summer Shoe Styles To Wear

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Summertime means enjoying a wide range of activities with your friends and family. Whether you like to go on road trips, vacation at the beach, or focus on fitness, your summer shoes must fit your lifestyle and be durable enough to withstand the heat.

Finding shoes to wear in the summer is difficult, especially for men. Maybe as a teen, you wore dirty skateboard shoes or cheap flip-flops, but wearing shoes that are comfortable in the heat and look great can be challenging. While men’s summertime shoes and sandals can often leave a bit to be desired, you don’t have to wear flimsy, unattractive shoes that don’t suit you.

While men might have fewer traditional options when it comes to footwear, there are many styles available in 2023 that will fit your lifestyle and budget. 

Here are some of the best men’s summer shoe styles this year.

The Penny Loafer

Penny loafers are excellent summer shoes because they are casual enough for dinner with friends but nice enough to wear to work, says GQ. They are easy to put on, so you don’t have to mess around with shoelaces.

While they aren’t the best for the outdoors or spending time near the water, they are a good overall shoe to wear for work and and for nights out. 

When picking a shoe in this style, consider a high-quality boardwalk penny loafer from PortlandLeatherGoods.

Birkenstock-Style Sandals

Whether you live in Los Angeles or Salt Lake City, a sturdy sandal is ideal for walks around your neighborhood or even short hikes. Ensure you get an option that is made of quality materials that will last throughout scorching days and a lot of wear and tear. You’d be surprised at the various styles and colors available, so choose a neutral look or go with something bolder.

Waterproof Sneakers Or Sandals

Whether you’re looking to go on a boat ride or jog along the beach, having a waterproof shoe is super helpful in the summer. While you might imagine the water shoes you wore as a kid, adult waterproof shoes are high-quality and stylish these days. You can go with a sneaker style if you’re looking for a more active choice, or pick a more relaxed sandal.

Canvas Sneakers

Sneakers aren’t just for teens and kids. You can find a sneaker that looks good and also lasts. At first, these shoes may be a bit stiff, but with time, they’ll become easy to slip on and off. Whether you prefer a high-top style or a skater shoe, this is the pair you’ll likely wear throughout the summer when you’re running errands or out for a casual get-together with friends. 

An Elevated Slide

Slides are a summer staple for both men and women. They’re a mix between a flip-flop and sandal with the influence of athleisure wear, and they’re also extremely easy to take off and put on. These versatile shoes work for the beach, the grocery store, or walking around your yard. 

However, you don’t have to go with a slouchy option that will wear down quickly. Instead, find something from a durable brand that makes more unique options. 

As you get staple shoes (see Esquire) to wear throughout the summer, balance your collection with a mix of sandals, sneakers, and dress shoes that are breathable and versatile. This way, you can save money and avoid buying more shoes than you have room for or will likely use. 

Last Updated: June 15, 2023

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