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7 Safe Ways Kids Can Help Redesign Their Own Room

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Designing your child’s bedroom without asking for help is a big mistake. Children are like adults in that they have their own unique styles. You should involve your child when you re-designing their room. It ensures they enjoy their new space and they will love it. Both are beneficial for busy parents who don’t need more problems. So here are seven safe ways kids can help redesign their room. 

Start With The Basics

A new bedroom needs a new place to lay your head. There are many comfortable and stylish kid’s beds to choose from. So, how do you know which is best for your child? It‘s not all about the look of the bed or the feel. You need a functional piece of furniture that will last a while. So, how can you involve your child in choosing a new bed?

Give Them Options, Not Free Search Access.

You can show your child various beds online, but give them options. Dont allow them to scroll through the IKEA website. If you do, they will choose items that won’t fit in their room. Or worse, they could choose something so ugly you never want to see it again. 

You must define a list of items to choose from to avoid experiencing one of the above issues. Then, you’ll be subject to the wrath that follows. Save yourself the stress and predefine a list of options for your child. 

Choose The Color, Not The Item.

If you’re uncomfortable letting your child choose their bed, you could let them choose the color. Any sort of involvement is going to help the child love their room. Child psychology proves when we are involved, we have positive feelings associated with an item. 

You can choose simple things for your child to choose, like color, style, and texture. All while reserving the choice over furniture that must last a long time. 

Choosing A New Floor Plan With Children

You can’t stop involving your child after bed. They will now be very invested in the process and want more control. Choosing a layout is the next step in redesigning a room. 

To involve your child, you can let them draw the floor plan they want. Give them a sheet of paper and tell them to draw where they’d like the furniture in their bedroom. Make sure you put black boxes in spaces they cannot use. 

If you fail to include black spaces, they may opt for the bed in the closet. That’s not a feasible option and would be expensive to implement. 

Let Them Choose The Extras.

You may not like Batman or My Little Pony curtains, but your child likely does. An easy, stress-free way to involve your child in redesigning their room is to let them choose something that can easily be changed, says Forbes

Allowing them control over such products guarantees an easy swap if you hate it. When they grow tired of it, you can easily swap things like curtains, bedspreads, and pillowcases with ease and little effort. Plus, it’ll give the room your child’s personality and style. 

Give Them Clean-Out Control.

Wondering what cleanup control is? It’s when you tell your kid they’ve got too much stuff and some things gotta go. We all experience this as children, and you’ve likely done it with your child. 

If you plan to redesign their room, you may want to eliminate older, unused toys. But hold on a moment. You don’t want to go into your kids’ room and start chucking out toys. You mayn’t see them playing with some toys, but that doesn’t mean those toys never get touched. 

Get your child involved in the clean-up process because they control their items. It’s a safe way to involve your kid in the pre-redesign process. 

It’ll also teach your child that everyone has control of their things. 

A Dream Door Involves Children And Piques Their Interest. 

A dream door combines all your child’s hopes, dreams, and desires. Giving your kid a dream dorm gives them total control of one item in their room. You allow them to decorate it as they want without parental intervention. 

Without parental intervention, it doesn’t mean letting them do as they wish. Instead, you tell them specifically they can hang, color, or paste pictures or stickers on the door. You still set the guidelines, but they control the content. They will love their dream door because it’s all about them. 

We hope you learned seven ways to involve your kid in their bedroom redesign. You can refer to these tips anytime you change your bedroom. At the core, these tips involve child psychology. Giving children some control goes a long way for their mental health and helps them become responsible adults. 

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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