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Discovery makes it even easier to earn rewards and stay fit during the national lockdown

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I think everyone is pretty much in agreement about the importance of self-isolation and committing to a nationwide lockdown to combat the threat of Covid-19. That does make it extremely difficult on many people, especially those of us who like to stay active and keep fit. Over the years South Africa has also developed a culture of fitness thanks to several rewards programs like Discovery’s Vitality. Problem is, these programs only work for you if you are able to keep active enough to earn points to collect your rewards. Something which is tough to do when you are confined to your house.

Discovery has already lowered their maximum Vitality points from 900 to 700 following the cancellation of all big running events and large groups, but now that we’ve gone into an official lockdown it has become even more difficult to maintain those fitness goals and as a result Vitality has now decided to lower that maximum rate even further to just 300.

Don’t run Forrest, don’t run

300 is a goal that ensures you don’t need to gym and workout like crazy – tasks which are impossible now – but also means you need to do a fair amount of walking to ensure you get off that sofa and do stay active. That is not all though as the company is also trying to make it easier for people to keep active through a new free online fitness programme with a daily schedule of high-intensity workouts, yoga, surprise fitness challenges and more. These programmes will include several famous South African sports stars to provide additional motivation.

It’s not just about working out but keeping those incentives to stay active going and Discovery has also provided further motivation in this regard. Firstly, it will be doubling its HealthyFood cash back at Woolworths and Pick n Pay to encourage members to eat better while at home. There is also Cashback on HealthyCare products at Clicks and DisChem will also be introduced, along with discounts for rewards vouchers at Netflix and BoxOffice with Sony PlayStation Store and Steam gaming vouchers also added as rewards.

So if you want to get more out of your couch time, you should keep active too. As for me, I’ still trying to plan my own personal marathon by seeing how many times I can run around my house before I die of boredom.

Last Updated: March 30, 2020

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