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Here’s what’s happening at Sexpo this weekend

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Sexpo march 2017

Sexpo is currently running, this time at the Sandton Convention Centre. As usual, there’s the same cast of exhibitors that you can expect – plenty of erotic toys, outfits and films will be available for purchase. And while that’s an important part of the event, there is actually so much more to Sexpo that makes it worthwhile. Porn Stars fly in for Q&As, signings and pictures, but even more interesting are the workshops and stage shows.

We have already told you about the Sexpo Cosplay competition. Pre-registrations have closed but those who are still interesting in taking part can arrive on the day and join in the fun. The cosplay stage show will run tomorrow afternoon, but there is even more going on that might tickle your fancy.

Workshops run throughout the expo, and they are what I’ve found most intriguing when I’ve attended in the past. In small sessions with “sexperts”, attendees can learn about everything from Anal Sex 101 to top sex tips. There are even sessions about oral sex, expanded orgasms and female ejaculation. These are intriguing simply because most people are only exposed to these concepts on strange websites or videos they watch along in the dark – workshops bring these topics into the light and help to educate people about their bodies, sexuality and interactions. Speaking of showing something you might not see otherwise, if you’ve got the cash you could even get a portrait painted by the incomparable Pricasso who yes, paints with his penis.

Of course, the stage shows are all about entertainment. The headline act is Thunder from Down Under, an Aussie performance by some hunky looking guys. Personally, I’d prefer to one day see a show from the Puppetry of the Penis crew, but Thunder from Down Under is incredibly popular and not to be missed. There will also be an amateur strip show hosted by Gareth Cliff, followed by a Miss Nude show. Plus there are a myriad of lounges for you to choose from, letting you have an even more personal experience that aligns with your unique proclivities.

So, check the show schedules and be sure to see the special performances and workshops. They make the price of admission so much more valuable; otherwise, you might as well just purchase some sex toys online and call it a day. By going to the actual event and experiencing all that Sexpo has to offer, you’ll not only have a fun weekend, but also some fun new ideas going forward.

Last Updated: March 24, 2017


  1. For the Emperor!

    March 24, 2017 at 10:29

    Doesn’t seem like my favourite performers are attending this one…so I will skip it I think.


  2. VampyreSquirrel

    March 24, 2017 at 11:44

    Didn’t even know it was on this weekend.

    Isn’t the JHB one normally later in the year? Sexpo was 5 months ago.


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