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ICON 2017: A video recap

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Last weekend’s ICON 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of South Africa’s longest-running comics, gaming and popular culture convention. It was also the second year that the Johannesburg con took place in its “levelled up” form at Gallagher Estate.

ICON 2017: A video recap 2

Substantially bigger and slicker than during its Jabula Rec Centre days, ICON 2017 was pretty much a living, breathing geek Pinterest board. There was pen-and-paper role-playing, knight fighting, cosplay, cartoons, live comedy, video games, panel discussions, stacks and stacks of board games, miniatures painting, movie previews, a superheroic blood donation drive, a million Funko Pops to buy, dodgy dogs, dressed-up dogs and, erm, snakes. And that actually isn’t close to listing everything on offer.

Perhaps you’ve already read our post-con thoughts on ICON 2017? Or checked out our ICON 2017 cosplay showcase, with all the winners of this year’s contest, and a big fat gallery of cosplay pics?

Then again, maybe you’re feeling a little bit lazy. These five-day, post-long-weekend work weeks are a killer. Critical Hit still has you covered, with a video recap from this year’s con. Here’s some footage from ICON 2017, giving you a better sense of the event’s scope, as well as its sights and sounds. Included in the video you’ll also find my and Tracy’s day-by-day reflections on this year’s ICON. You know, just in case you wanted to hear about brutal Settlers of Catan injuries, the crack cocaine that is recognition while cosplaying – and our gratitude that we weren’t the Critical Hit reps fighting our way across the E3 floor.

And that’s a wrap on our ICON 2017 coverage.

Apart from Cape Town’s EGE (Electronics & Gaming Expo) at the end of July, the next big geek-of-all-trades event on the South African calendar is rAge in October. See you on the Dome floor in Joburg then.

Last Updated: June 22, 2017

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